Memorials at Oregon's Capitol: Take Two



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This is the western courtyard of Oregon's capitol building. I had tried my hand at synthing a few of the major landmarks there some time ago, but included some photos of one of the statues that I had shot some time before and unfortunately didn't shoot any shots moving between it and the rest of the scene.

I had then shot the necessary transition shots, but had been busy with other synths and projects. I had also tried the entire original set with the new transition shots and Photosynth had run out of RAM while reconstructing the scene, so I sacrificed some shots of the greenery around the Circuit Rider statue and came out with this result which I'm content with for now.

The original is available here:
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Date Created 9/23/2010

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NateLawrence Over 1 year ago
After you click on the synth, use the [P] key to turn on the point cloud 3D model behind the photos. You can toggle between Photos Only, Photos + Points, Points only, and back to Photos Only again.

Also check out Overhead View by using the [T] key. From overhead, you can click on any part of the point cloud to swoop down to a photo of that part of the scene.

If you get lost or decide that you would rather look at the photos like a gallery, you can try out 2D view by using the [~] key and zoom in and out of all of the photos by pointing your mouse cursor at what you want to move toward and using your scrollwheel.
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