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The impressive Sphinx, a 65-foot-tall statue of a lion’s body with a man’s face, sits nearby the pyramids of Giza. Carved from natural Giza limestone, the Sphinx is believed to represent Khafre, the fourth-dynasty pharaoh who built Giza’s second largest pyramid.
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Marvin Over 1 year ago
Absolutely stunning pointcloud
xTdub Over 1 year ago
This is broken for me, the synth won't load. I'm sure it's wonderful though. The national geographic ones are great.
MartinSKOV Over 1 year ago
Awesome picture.. Lots of Photos is Vary awesome:)! wonderfull
mimost Over 1 year ago
i cannot download any of the photos....
martym Over 1 year ago
Dear NGS, please geocode these awesome synths so they are discoverable in Virtual Earth.
ArizonaGeologicalSurvey Over 1 year ago
I am curious how such a dense point cloud was achieved. Is there a certain amount of photo overlap that is ideal? Post-processing somehow? Any tips? Great use of Photosynth!
Grafixation Over 1 year ago
How do I get this to work on Google Chrome?
loughner Over 1 year ago
Photosynth doesn't seem to work on Google Chrome, but does on Windows Internet Explorer. Hmmmm.
CoolBugz Over 1 year ago
This is just amazing!!!
vmonita79 Over 1 year ago
Stunning image puzzle
alexthong123 Over 1 year ago
i want to go to egypt
mikekill Over 1 year ago
how come i cant see it ive only been able to view two thingys
Arsenyc Over 1 year ago
Anybody notice the couple in the background kissing? :-D
kasenchik Over 1 year ago
that's great!!!
tozenter Over 1 year ago
RedSux Over 1 year ago
mhaidarhanif Over 1 year ago
ntripcevich Over 1 year ago
Works in firefox on MacOS 10.6.
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