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Singapore Sports School - Bringing out the best of our sporting talents

The Singapore Sports School is a specialised independent school that was officially opened by then Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr Goh Chok Tong on 2 April 2004. It not only helps aspiring sporting talents realise their potential, it provides a conducive environment for the students to keep up with their academic pursuits as well.

Over the past few years, many of the Sports School's atheletes have gone on to excel at the international stage, representing Singapore in competitions ranging from swimming to table tennis. In just a few years, the Sports School boasts a impressive record, with 3 World Champions, 2 Asian Gold Medalists, 1 Commonwealth Games Gold Medalists, 2 SEA Games Gold Medalists, 1 World Youth Champion, 3 Asian Youth Champions and 2 National Champions. We're sure we can expect more to come from them!
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Date Created 3/17/2010

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synthsing Over 1 year ago
Hi Everyone

Thanks for viewing our synth. Do help to vote for our synth by clicking on the "Add to Favorites" link below the synth.

lauweisi Over 1 year ago
voted!!! :D Nice picture! How many photos did you take to make this?
JustinOngSengKiat Over 1 year ago
This is nice. Keep up the good work (:
foorx Over 1 year ago
Good job!
zhengyifei Over 1 year ago
well done :D
Waiting85 Over 1 year ago
Nice! how many 153 photos for this?
wUzZiE Over 1 year ago
Khuu photos.. nice effects! how many photos did u take? Next time teach me how to do!
matthew_lau Over 1 year ago
excellent effort!
joeycyq Over 1 year ago
ooo coool! :D
ilwlw Over 1 year ago
Nice synth, im sure both of you spent a lot of time on this. Share how you did it :P
asdte Over 1 year ago
really cool! love it.
bbstardom Over 1 year ago
wow nice!
synthsing Over 1 year ago
@lauweisi/waiting85/wUzZiE: 153 pictures for this synth. But these are selected from many many more pictures that we took at the Sports School

@wUzZiE/ilwlw: It's not very difficult to do this actually, just that you require a lot of time and effort to go around and take pictures. Patience to keep trying and experimenting which photos work best is important also. Give it a try!

All: Thanks for voting and your compliments. Ask your friends to vote and keep the votes coming!
sg_panda Over 1 year ago
absolutely cool! =)
bradleysoh52 Over 1 year ago
galletadelchoco Over 1 year ago
hauntho Over 1 year ago
wow n1 :D
Peetahzee Over 1 year ago
Nice work, really hope you'll win!
arnel555 Over 1 year ago
Nice i love this it's amazing hope your win
Fady117 Over 1 year ago
VOTED!! :D nice pic btw, real cool! i hope my vote helped you guys! :D
sabrineasl Over 1 year ago
Really fantastic synth
splashx Over 1 year ago
is this for a competition? issit still on? looks interesting (:
huhope Over 1 year ago
wow u also can have so many votes in less a day... hmmmm
synthsing Over 1 year ago
Thanks to all who have voted for us and/or commented, whether we know each other or not. The voting is coming to an end and we are grateful to all who have voted for us.

huhope, i believe you are also one of those who have seen our "advertisement" for this somewhere online. Thank you for your support!
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