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This is how our kitchen looks like after renovating and renewal 2001. The walls and the floor were stripped to logs and stomped dirt floor. If someone shouts IKEA-kitchen I say yes.
If the ceiling height looks low you see correct. It's 223cm - standard of 1900. After leveling the ceiling wich differed ca 13cm from a level line the ceiling height would be about 213cm with the old floor level. Therefore my father got the brillint idea to lower the floor. Look at the threshold at the open doorway.
When making a 360-pano inside I experience a difficulty to get a decent match between images, but I'm not the only one I've noticed when looking at others panos. It has to do with ICE have to straighten bent lines and bend straight line I believe.
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Date Created 1/5/2013

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violaunai Over 1 year ago
What object do you use to hold your cell phone to take pictures?
Qual objeto você usa para sustentar o seu celular para fazer fotos?
Lassehybo Over 1 year ago
I guess that you wonder how my panoramas can be taken with a cell phone. All my panos are taken with my SLR camera Nikon D90 as seen in my photosynth "My equipment for pano photographing". As it it's nine images facing down ICE crops away the tripod legs except for the paws near the floor. It's not on purpose.
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