The Aviary at the Bronx Zoo



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This is an attempt at a fully synthed semi-indoor area, where each part of the synth can relate back to itself with ease. There was also an attempt at making synthy both the things you have in front of you as well as those behind and to the side, so there's lots of spinning in circles happening.
Unfortunatly there are a few sketchy bits, but I blame those on not being able to use all the photos I had of this place, which was well over 1500. I had way too many failed attempts with this synth, as well as each new synthing attempt having its own quirky character, not being able to synth something in one attempt that it had done perfectly in every other. For now this is good enough for me. Maybe one day I'll be able to dump all the photos I took and see what I actually could have had.
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Date Created 9/20/2009

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