Pasadena City Hall - Almost New Years



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Pasadena City Hall just before New Years 2011...

Pasadena is the center of the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California; Not too big, not too small, the epicenter of local business, culture, arts, science...

The region has greatly influenced how I perceive see the world. Growing up, I saw Pasadena as the 'big city', a mysterious place with adventures and danger looming around every corner. It, like many cities, promises adventure and opportunity, romance and prosperity, it inspires dreams and offers adventure. It is an organic and dynamic representation of its diverse and complex inhabitants, a gracious host to yearly Rose Parade Bands and Spectators and Rose Bowl fans. It is a well rounded community that shares opportunities, willingly offers support in any way that it can and willingly gives without expectations or strings.

The minute hand wound out it last rotation of the year a bit early... maybe I just wanted to get a head start. It was, by far, the most tranquil New Years eve I in the last 2 decades. It was a peaceful way to transition into another chapter, to ease into the complexity, inherent unpredictability of my daily life.

My Girlfriend Audrey and Taylor were just out of frame, patiently let me shoot another panorama. Taylor was on her first real "Pasadena Adventure". Audrey and I were shooting. Family, opportunity, tinkering with photo techniques... I honestly couldn't ask for more...

There are a lot of paths leading from here... the doors all look vaguely familiar and, I guess, what's over the threshold is irrelevant... I figure I'll just take a deep breath, follow my instincts and use my camera to interpret reality in the best way that I can... to tell the story of the people, places and events in compelling ways.

Hope your new year is off to a pleasant start!


I wonder if the guy in yellow is supposed to remove the christmas tree immediately after the Christmas season ends promptly at midnight. After all, It IS a city of etiquette and image. :)
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