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jimcseke Over 1 year ago
Hey Nathanael,
I hope I did'nt give the wrong impression by deleting much of the comments.
The pages were getting way too cluttered with replies and comments.
I thought that a very important item was missed during our conversations, and I felt it sort of got buried under our back and forth.
When my methods are used correctly,the captured images are completely editable.
Other than possibly a distorted capture, or perhaps messing around with the actual colors(which tends to remove many potential matching references).
Having mentioned that, where is a good arena, other than Photosynth or even Youtube, to pass on my information?
I feel that, the larger the number of individuals at least trying this, might provide a better overall test under all types of synthing.
If you could suggest such a site, it would be much appreciated.
Sincerely Jim
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
Hi, Jim. No worries. I actually haven't been on the site so much the last half a week. I do hope that you took the time to at least look at the links to the videos that I posted as it took some time to find those timecodes.

As to a good place to get the word out, I like vimeo as a great alternative to YouTube, but it doesn't have quite as big of an audience.

Gary Mortimer recently started a Photosynth group over at and it has a few of the more knowledgable suspects over there, that I'm sure would be up for a discussion.

Sadly, the site deletes synth embed codes before it saves your posts (something I'm trying to work out with them at the moment), so the discussion is limited to text and videos, but you can directly message people, so it is a little bit better than our forum, although you still can't edit a post except for the 15 minutes after you first save it.
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
I'm not sure how long that particular community will last over there, because of the limitations (no editing, lack of synth embedding, etc.) as well as the fact that it looks like Ning will be moving away from offering free community sites very soon (May 4).

Nevertheless, I have spent my spare time the past several days embedding many of the videos of various Photosynth team members talking about Photosynth - how it works and what plans there are for the future.

I've also posted a number of videos of related research projects that may be of interest to the more avid photosynther.

Assuming that the community doesn't disappear when we decline to pay Ning for hosting, come on over and make some posts.

I get the feeling that if Ning goes away as a viable option for us, we'll find another venue, having now gotten a taste of the expanded conversation a Photosynth fansite has to offer.
jimcseke Over 1 year ago
Thank you very much Nathanael,
You have always come through for me. I want you to realize that I absolutely appreciate your insight and assistance. I added you to my list of good and considerate people from day one.
Above and beyond as always.
Thank you again.
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