Seattle Japanese Garden, using mobile Photosynth



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Date Created 4/13/2011

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DarkMagicCK Over 1 year ago
I should say this is the best I've ever seen. Even the foot place can be seen. How to do that?!
SignalToNoise Over 1 year ago
@DarkMagickCK. Thank you. This was captured with the new mobile panorama app for iPhone/iPod4/iPad2:
kcoppock Over 1 year ago
Wow, I have to second DarkMagic, this is an amazing example of what can be done with this -- especially just using an iPhone(iPad?). Very impressive!
joshfeb06 Over 1 year ago
AWESOMEE!!!!! just like google earth except anyone with just an iDevice can do it! Whats next, holograms? and DarkMagicCK good question. I think you have to move your feet or spread them out then take the photo.
Photo-Nut Over 1 year ago
This is incredible!! Awesome job!! :D
iuvavum Over 1 year ago
immerd Over 1 year ago
Beautiful and well done
Props on the hovering camera effect
REDVWIN Over 1 year ago
Simply incredible! ^^ I hope to get as half as this good! :)
le_ptit_patapon Over 1 year ago
WOW!!! i've never seen such a good synth!!! it's perfect, even in the clouds!! O_O
coplandphoto Over 1 year ago
great job!!
hirolovesangel2010 Over 1 year ago
Good job!!!Perfect!!
tAkUyAtAnYeAnKeAt Over 1 year ago
how did you float up there?
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