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Casa Severina, goa
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Date Created 3/9/2009

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Marvin Over 1 year ago
My goodness. This is a wonderful synth, with multiple rooms and everything. Great Job!!!
K Over 1 year ago
wow, i can't believe you did that well on your first try! i've managed some multi-room synths but it took me many tries. i'm curious, how wide was your lens? also if you add a geotag this will show up on the map explore view.
gasperd Over 1 year ago
Thanks Marvin and K! I had tried PS on my living room and then went out a few days later and shot the resort. I simply took images in various directions as I walked through the place, from outside to inside, room to room. I missed turning around and walking back in many places so you need to actually "walk backwards" to get out of some rooms. As for the lens, I used my 17-70 set at 17mm throughout. Thanks for the tip on geotags, I've done that.
Pierrot21 Over 1 year ago
Goood! Please join a map, upstairs / downstairs, with GPS waypoints ;-))
dariusmonsef Over 1 year ago
Nice work.
EdLee Over 1 year ago
Gasper, nice on first try! May I ask how you got your name to appear at the lower left corner of each image? :) I also have a lot of fun shooting the exterior and interior of a building, especially following a staircase. See the point cloud of this courthouse synth:
gasperd Over 1 year ago
Pierrot, not sure what you mean by GPS waypoints! and EdLee, you've got a fantastic synth! It's amazing and 100%! As for your query on the name, that's simple. When creating the synth, simply select the option for Creative Commons Attribution required. So that way, anyone could use the synth with attribution to your name.

EdLee Over 1 year ago
Hi Gasper, Thanks. Let me rephrase the question. Your name "S Gasper D'Souza" appears at the lower left corner of each photo -- how did you put your name "S Gasper D'Souza" there in each photo? Simply selecting "Creative Commons Attribution" does not make name appear in each photo.
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