Meyers Spring



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An ancient source of water in West Texas the area around Meyers Spring has been occupied for between 10-12,000 years. Every style of rock art to be found in the Lower Pecos River Region is at this site however the dominate form is Historical. The spring acquired its present day name from one of the Black Seminole soldiers who was stationed here under the command of Lt John L Bullis in the late 1880's. Bullis and the Seminoles were stationed here to help rid West Texas of the last maurading bands of the Plains and desert dwelling Indians. Bullis retired from the military and returned here and in 1901 built a dam to pool the waters of the spring. The rock art here is facinating. Much of it deals with 1st Contact between these people and the Spanish. A lot of the art here deals with the Spanish Missionaries and the many domed missions they built in Texas. Probably the most important thing these people gained from that 1st Contact was: The Horse.
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GigaView Over 1 year ago
I didn't know Texas had such rich rock art! Thanks for showing us Meyers Spring! Here's a panel from Utah -
emanphoto Over 1 year ago
Thanks for including all the info on the site as well.
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