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The quaint Baroque chapel of Ta' L-Isperanza - Our Lady of Good Hope - is found in Mosta's Wied L-Isperanza (translated Valley of Hope).

It dates form 1760 and was built with donations made mostly by the villagers of Mosta. is renowned for the natural cave below it, which has been turned into a grotto dedicated to Our Lady of Good Hope. Looking inside the grotto, one can see a kneeling girl praying to the stature of Our Lady.

The legend around the Grotto has been recounted from generation to generation. It tells the story of young, terrified Mosta girl who was fleeing from invading corsairs. She hid herself in the cave, praying to Our Lady for help. Suddenly, the opening of the cave was covered in cobwebs, resulting in the corsairs running past without seeing her.

The legend of Our Lady of Ta' L-Isperanza was born and many people from all over Malta visited the chapel to make their pledges to Our Lady.

The chapel is wonderfully decorated both inside and out. Two coats of arm can be seen on the outside - one with Our Lady's name and another of Malta's Bishop at the time, Fra Bartolomeo Rull.

Two paintings show Our Lady of Hope. The one in the main chapel is by Rokku Buhagiar (1725 - 1805), while the one in the sacristy is by Guzeppi Cali (1846 - 1930). Cali is renowned for many works in Mosta's famous Rotunda church. Both paintings show Our Lady cradling baby Jesus holding an anchor (symbol of hope), looking over a ship caught in stormy seas.

A statue of Our Lady of Hope, which is celebrated during the feast day on the third Sunday of November, is found in the sacristy. Other statues show a beautiful St Rita, St Frances and Our Lady of Lourdes.

The new altar in the main chapel was consegrated by Bishop Emmanuel Galea on the 3rd July 1966.
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