Utrecht, HDR, Willibrorduskerk



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Date Created 2/10/2010

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David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
Ow wow! Stupendous... Perhaps the best cathederal interior synth, and perhaps the best HDR synth too!
M4 Over 1 year ago
Hi David,
Thx, new interiors will appear soon
michaeldenis Over 1 year ago
M4, your HDR synths are, to understate strongly, mind-blowing. I like your work. Out of curiousity, Which do you prefer the shooting of photosynths or the editing of photosynths? Personally, I prefer shooting them *way* more than I prefer editing them.

Anyways, keep up the great work: it's impressive.
M4 Over 1 year ago
Hi MichaelDenis, To be honest, the actual editing is a bit laborious, so i prefer the special way 'you learn to look' of shooting photosynth's. Thursday i'll publish a new church interior, this time the Janskerk. Regards M4
synthetic.dan Over 1 year ago
is this real HDR? Either way you over did it as this synth is hardly enjoyable.
synthetic.dan Over 1 year ago
Perhaps might I suggest that you take the pictures in the evening with just interior lighting and without the HDR. Long exposures would have been much beneficial.
M4 Over 1 year ago
There's always the aspect what HDR (~tonemapping) actually does to your photo. I like the way how things are 'super'exposed. It's entirely something else than reaching this 'colour'richness and depth by long exposures. I'm afraid you like HDR or you're against it and there's not much in between.
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