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Test aerials from initial flights of my new hexakopter UAV. It is a very promising vehicle for mapping our world from low altitude.
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Date Created 5/6/2010

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K Over 1 year ago
Amazing! What kind of camera did you use? Unfortunately the synth seems to suffer from the same nadir issues that plague the KAP (kite) synths. I wonder if we can do something about that.
rcman Over 1 year ago
good job mark
happy flying............
sir_ivar Over 1 year ago
@K The camera is a very beat up Canon A590 running CHDK. Still working out the kinks in the system. The vibration of the hexakopter is causing a lot of blurry photos. Another week or so of test flights and I'll be ready to map archaeological sites with it.

If the nadir issues could be compensated for, that'd be awesome!

jimcseke Over 1 year ago
Sorry to bother you, but what is the nadir issue?
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