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Star Cave is an important archaeological site on the island of Guam in the northern Mariana Islands. I'm conducting archeological and photogrammetrical work at the site to document the prehistoric pictographs there. The project will eventually provide highly detailed 3D images of the rock art we discovered.

I am amazed by photosynth's ability to create a highly accurate point cloud of the interior of the cave. I find it most entertaining to view the synth with just the point cloud visible.

By the way, the little white pieces of paper in the photographs are special targets used in the photogrammeterical process.
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Date Created 5/23/2009

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jimcseke Over 1 year ago
I have viewed your other synths, and read some of your comments in the forums. I gather from that information, that your profession is archeology. It seems there are people from varied backgrounds who use and enjoy this site. I am an electrician by trade, but i've always been facinated by new and old technologies. Your profession and this site are a logical mix. I believe that discoveries, new or old, need to be shared with everyone in a way which draws the onlookers in. To experience in some way, a sense of place and time. Before I read your comment on this synth, I "travelled" through with photo and pointcloud. The photos were great for detail, and the point cloud was amazing. I loved the feeling of almost being in a dimly lit cave. The difference between photosynth and video/photos is that it is interactive. If I want to see whats behind that rock, I can navigate. I am looking instead of being led. Thank you for taking the time to share this.
jimcseke Over 1 year ago
P.S. Is there a possibility that you are considering 3d modeling this synth in the same way you did with "Another Tres Yonis Synth"
I love the idea of photographs becoming 3d point cloud, and then transformed into an even more immersive experience.
I am slowly reaching 50 years old and thankfully have not lost my love of technologies (old or new).
Keep on synthing
sir_ivar Over 1 year ago
Jim, glad you liked the Star Cave project. I am working on a very neat project related to this site. I'll send you a post when it's online.

Thanks for all the nice comments and glad you enjoyed it!
jimcseke Over 1 year ago
Looking forward to seeing your next project. Thanking you in advance for the upcoming post.
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