Piha (Our Rock)



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Piha is New Zealand's most famous surf beach. Situated on the west coast of the North Island, 40 kilometers from the city of Auckland, this black iron-sand beach has a reputation for awesome surf.

Piha is not just surf and sand. With rugged cliffs and the majestic Lion Rock standing guard over the beach, the scenery is dramatic and inspiring. The beach is backed by the Waitakere Ranges, a protected parkland of sub-tropical forest, accessible through numerous bush tracks.

Below is a poem that I wrote 7 1/2 years ago that I thought of while I was shooting this synth...


We all desire happiness; we want no suffering or pain
To be aware of our potential, self-confidence we’ll gain.
If we believe there is suffering & that suffering has a cause
There must also be cessation with freedom’s open doors
We must never be self-cherishing, disregarding others rights.
Let’s take full responsibility; take “I” to brand new heights.
Attachment & compassion can often look the same.
Yet Attachment brings us negatives & compassion brings us gain.
If we’re attached to things material, we always must have more.
We feel like we’re lacking, so mentally we’re poor.
We’re attached when something’s “mine” or even is “my friend”
Compassion shows no bias to all people love we send.
Free the mind from all things negative until mentally it’s calm.
With an honest open-mind we’re incapable of harm.
Friendship is compassion, being open & sincere
So if we are compassionate, true courage will appear.
Regardless of the obstacles, that may bring us distress.
Courage builds determination the key to our success.
To be hesitant or fearful lacks a confidence of self.
This builds a pessimistic attitude that affects our mental health.
When being pessimistic we can’t accomplish a small task
So here lies the seed of failure, behind its fearful mask.
Just maybe life is empty & our perceptions are not real.
So often we’re deceived, by what it is we feel.
If we see life as an illusion, our emotions will be freed.
We’re no longer left grasping at an independent need.
Good conduct gives us purpose & happiness of mind.
Let us stop mankind from suffering by simply being kind.

Nigel Parker
19th Feb 2002
Synthy 100%
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Date Created 9/6/2009

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kevinac Over 1 year ago
Nice stuff Nigel. Such a great day in New Zealand today.
David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
Good one Nigel! I especially like the poem. I think this might be the first "poetry synth" on the site.
Nathanael.Lawrence Over 1 year ago
First class all the way around, Nigel. Even the beginning view of the synth is pleasingly composed.
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