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Seattle artist Gary Faigin worked with us to create this synth that was first shown in our 2006 Technical Preview of Photosynth. It's still one of the coolest synths we've ever made because of his amazing art, and the high resolution photos that we took of it.

If you like Gary's work, you can see more of it at his Web site:
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Date Created 9/18/2008

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rynoview Over 1 year ago
No comments? This is brilliant my gratis to the photographer super work. Although who could ask for better a more artistic scene to shoot. BTW who was the photographer?
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
rynoview, David Gedye (Photosynth Group Program Manager and owner of this account) shot this himself, by all accounts.

I'm not sure who handled getting the paintings scanned.

By the by, David, I've noticed that the paintings are lower resolution in this version than they were in the CTP version. Was this due to the current synther's 32MB-per-JPG limit?
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