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The Rotunda of the United States National Archives in Washington, DC. On display in this room are the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Flanking the Charters of Freedom are varying collections of historical documents.

Two murals by Barry Faulkner overlook the room. On the left depicting the men who wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence (1776; Thomas Jefferson appears with the document itself) and on the right the framers of the Constitution (1789).

About the pictures: this was a challenging shoot given the low light in the space (2 ft candles). These images have not yet been color corrected.

Camera: Canon 5D with extremely fast lenses.

The team: S. Fynn, T. Gagorik, D. VanDyke, and JG Edwards.
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Date Created 8/22/2008

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Nomadski Over 1 year ago
Great job, very impressive. :)
jhighmore Over 1 year ago
It's things like this which reminds me that we are living in the future.
Upgrade Over 1 year ago
Very nice, but why is the Constitution the only document featured? What about the Declaration of Independence and the other documents?
Pink77 Over 1 year ago
Excellent job! Highly impressive! :0)
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