Espadons with Cryotiger



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One more try to use Photosynth as documentation for projects at work. This is the EEV camera head with a Cryotiger cooler on the back end. It's installed in the spectrometer end of the Espadons spectropolarimeter instrument. Three passes at various camera heights, plus some close-ups of detail areas.

For this I set my camera on a 5-second intervalometer and moved the tripod after each click. This is similar to how I do elevated photography with a carbon fiber pole. It's a quick way to do a synth of a thing.

Lots of monochromatic surfaces. My guess is the point cloud from this will actually be pretty disappointing. But being able to virtually walk around the instrument and look at the grounding scheme and the arrangement of cables and hoses will be nice.
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Date Created 10/28/2009

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