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This is our Halloween Cemetery! It's actually designed for night-time viewing, but the night photos didn't synth well at all. You can see some of the night-time photos in the tile version of the synth. I had to create a daytime version to make Photosynth happy. In the cemetery, you can find Doug, Spooky, and Becky in the back row. She's the one in the wedding dress.

The fence is made out of wood, PVC, cast iron finials, and painted with black spray-paint. the lower half of the Angel of Death statue is paper-mache!

Check out the point cloud! Super genius cool!
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Date Created 11/4/2008

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Jonathan Over 1 year ago
it is super cool. thanks
Bert Over 1 year ago
Super genius cool ++ !!
K Over 1 year ago
well done! if you add some tags people will be able to find this next year at halloween.
Nathan Over 1 year ago
Do you go all out for other hollidays or just halloween
Sphynctre Over 1 year ago
Just Halloween. Our neighbors don't really like the fact that when Christmas rolls around, all we do is put a dusty wreath on the door. We really like scaring small children, and there aren't many holidays where the kids just come to your door. I just read your profile Nathan! I often wish I could get into climbing. If it weren't for this near-fatal lazy streak, I probably would.
Marvin Over 1 year ago
This is wicked cool! I could totally see this spooking out little (and not so little) kids.
felixrosskopf Over 1 year ago
This is super cool
Amazing pointcloud too.
dog1333 Over 1 year ago
drk12 Over 1 year ago
I have scoured your website looking for an email address in order to email you and your family! I absolutely need to know how you managed to make the Word Girl costume so perfectly! Please email me at I can't seem to find out how you guys made it and cannot find one that's similar and so well made.

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