Barmouth beach sunset



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Just a small, simple one, trying to make myself a nice wallpaper / poster to print in an arsty, pro-tographer way. It even sort-of worked (for that purpose)!

The penultimate leg of my wander around wales (before Blaenau - all five of these synths have come from the same folder on the same memory card) was to take the alarmingly long road to Barmouth (by foot or rail, Fairbourne to Barmouth is about a mile, and a straight line too; by car, 8 to 15 twisty, twisty miles depending whether you go over the rickety wooden toll bridge) to see if the town really was as hokey as my brother reported it as, his having spent 4 years in Aberystwyth then found love in the arms of a Barmouth lass.

And yeah - it's like a mini version of Blackpool, wedged in to the tiny strip of flat land (1/2 mile wide?) between the craggy mountains and the sea ... and Blackpool gave me the fear so much that I -didn't even get out of the car- when I went to take a peek on the way back from somewhere else. Not quite as scary I'll admit, but just as post-peak and mildly depressing.

It does give EXCELLENT sunset, however, so it's clawed back some important points there.
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tahrey Over 1 year ago
Hmmm. OK. Not sure what position that occupies on the standardised international blow-rule-suck continuum, but I'm betting it's not in the middle.
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