VØRINGSFOSSEN WATERFALL, Norway - Handrgervidda plateau



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Vøringsfossen in Måbødalen is Norway's most famous waterfall, and has a fall of 182 meters, of which 145 meters is a direct drop.

Vøringsfossen dazzles tourists with its multiple waterfalls all converging at the head of Måbødalen in Hardanger.
Although there are numerous ways to experience the waterfall and the vertical-walled valley, most people will view the falls from the upper and lower lookouts. A path from the scenic national tourist route through Hardanger (Rv 7) leads to the foot of the waterfall. The old road, constructed between 1887 and 1924, winds up the mountain side in 125 hairpin bends - an impressive piece of road engineering. There are several possibilities for photo stops, picnics and activities in the near surroundings.
More: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V%C3%B8ringfossen

Technical innformation:
Sigma DP3 Quattro APS-C camera witch 50mm (75mm ekv.) lens and Foveon matrix. 64 jpg shots taken witch Gigapan 100 robotic head. f11, 1/160s, iso100, manual: exposure, focus and WB. Microsoft ICE2 sticher used.
Gigapixels 1.24
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Date Created 7/6/2015

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DorotaLilla Over 1 year ago
RobertzOslo Over 1 year ago
Foveon matrix has special advantages in resolution and color reproduction. I used S-HI 39 Mpx jpg's in Vivid color mode taken directly from my camera.
DorotaLilla Over 1 year ago
But "fossen" means waterfall in norwegian, "vidda" means plateau and "dalen" means valley, isn't it?
RobertzOslo Over 1 year ago
Yes, exactly :). So "Vøringsfossen" means "The Vørings Waterfall" in fact. But only Norwegian know it at once :). I repeat in English because Photosynth is international. It might be strange for Norwegian peoples especially at almost 100% of them speak English well. I'm not native Norwegian , I'm Polish but I live in Oslo 11 years.
IrBi Over 1 year ago
Great piece od work! You showed so many details and beauty of this place... Lot of thanks:)
ubad Over 1 year ago
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