Rudston Monolith



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The Rudston Monolith, which is said to be the tallest existing standing stone in Britain can be found in the grounds of All Saint’s Church in Rudston, nr Bridlington, North Yorkshire. The monolith is thought to date to the late Neolithic – early Bronze Age period (approx 4000yrs) and is one of many prehistoric features in the area. Several curcus’, along with barrows settlements suggest the area was of great importance in prehistoric times. It stands approx 6m tall and measures circa 5m around the base. An excavation carried out by Sir William Strickland in the late 18thC is said to have found the stone was as deep as it was tall (debatable) hence a rough weight of 40 tonnes has been mooted. This type of conglomerate sandstone is found about 15km to the north, whether human or glacial endeavour brought it to its current position is not known.

All Saint’s Church dates back to the Norman 12th C, although there may have been previous constructions here. Rudston itself is one of several dozen villages that claim to be the oldest inhabited in Britain.
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douglas Over 1 year ago
Fascinating - thanks for sharing.
madeeds Over 1 year ago
Great synth, and thank you for the great bit of history. Burrying it as deep as it is tall would require the least amount of lifting, but a lot of digging.
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