Camp Tadmor: The Forum (Attempt 1)



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An attempt to synth the inside and outside of Camp Tadmor's Forum...

And it worked! Well... for the most part. There is definitely some odd buisness with the ceiling on the right hand side being projected into the forest behind it as seen from near the stage looking out to the left, but for the most part the point cloud does a fair job of informing you what the place is shaped like.

I wanted to challenge myself to tackle this building because it is both fairly large and also there is almost no direction to point the camera in where its view is not being occluded by other objects in the scene. The stage has microphone stands, the floor has pillars, the windows have shutters and posts, and wide shots have fences in them, etc.

I do wish that I had had more time to shoot the ceiling but I was pressing up against the limits of how many photos my computer is capable of synthing together as things were.

There are a few mini synths hidden throughout with their own little disconnected pointclouds but overall I'm counting this as a success by virtue that I had no idea how to structure my coverage beforehand and the majority of it did, in fact, synth together.

To be truly satisfied I would want to come back and reshoot the entire location with better lighting, better composition, come back during rainy part of the year for green grass, and honestly shoot it while empty of people in order to get a clean pointcloud that is nothing but the pure structure. At that point I actually would like to throw in a few promotional shots of speakers, musicians, etc. up on the stage to show what an event here can actually be like.
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