Salem Capitol Building Exterior 2 of 2



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jimcseke Over 1 year ago
Hey Nathanael, I am assuming that these two synths are the test. I appreciate you taking the time to do perform these side by side comparisons.
I am also going to assume that "2 of 2" was photographed using my level method.Having photographed in this manner for so long now, I can quickly recognize what a "leveled" set of images looks like. Good choice of subject matter.
A good representation of the synther's ability to reconstruct an object, given the data provided.I think that you have provided an excellent comparison. At this point my opinion is meaningless.
By getting to know you, through our online discussions,I am positive, that you closely examined both final synths.
You are a very methodical person.
I know that your final opinion will be unbiased and well thought out as always.So, after examining all of the data, as meticulously as I am certain you have,(I hate to quote this line)"what is your final verdict?"
jimcseke Over 1 year ago
Oh, by the way, did you use your DSLR camera for this shoot. If you did, I am curious as to how you got past the problem with your view finder and all.
Nathanael.Lawrence Over 1 year ago
Actually, no, these were shot last Tuesday (2010 April 20) for PhotoCity.

1 of 2 is front and 2 of 2 is back. I'm hoping that Photocity will be able to fit it all into one model, but I've hit the limits of the 32-bit synther, so have had to split it into two synths for Photosynth.

These were shot, however, on a tripod which has a built in surface level which I occasionally borrow from my dad. This was basically because I was abandoning orbits for once and going more with a crawl along the surface in the vein of alFaku's synths, just to see how it would work and to try to cut down on the number of photos.

Honestly, though, due to the uneven ground, the tripod actually made my shots less level than they would be if they were just handheld, but at least the vertical sets of four all matched the same angle.
jimcseke Over 1 year ago
Well I guess I assumed wrong, sorry about that. I thought that you had started to release the test you discussed, so I examined the photograph to try to determine which was photographed using the level method. 2 of 2 look to be the most level to me, so I assumed that this was the side by side test you were going to perform.
Oh well, I guess I'll just wait for the actual test you discussed earlier.
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