Curiosity Rover



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Date Created 8/16/2012

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mattu Over 1 year ago
Nice work piecing these together. Is this from the mastcam?
Andrew0002 Over 1 year ago
@mattu Thanks! Yes, these are from the mastcam on Sol 3. You can see the raw images at
mattu Over 1 year ago
I'm not sure how you downloaded all of these? In case this is useful in the future, I wrote a Powershell script to auatomatically download them all to the PC. See here:
MagiView Over 1 year ago
Missing photos 78 & 79 are avalable now...
MagiView Over 1 year ago
Andrew, 10 more photos from this point, including Mount Sharp, were shot on sol 13. You can download them at

It allows showing the sky over 360° - see
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