Buzz and Woody, in Lego



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I shot some video of the Buzz and Woody statues that are rendered in Lego in the Pixar lobby, and then split them into individual frames to generate this photosynth. I was curious how it would work.
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Date Created 4/3/2010

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michaeldenis Over 1 year ago
hi brainwagon, I very much liked your test of the lego models using video.

Here are my observations: The rotational functions around Woody's head in your synth is superb. It is a very fluid rotation and the load-time also feels low (as if it doesn't exist.) There's a real sense of a three-dimensional framework when viewing this part of your synth.

Given the general density of pictures over the rest of the synth, I would expect a dense point cloud. This expectation was not met, however, and the left side of Woody's face appears to be the only densely matched part of the synth.

It's interesting that this part of the environment is where you made your closest and most even rotation and that you actually traced over the same path twice, once forward and then once in reverse.

In any case, I think this part of the synth is noteworthy.

Thank you for your work!
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