Ophryotrocha hartmanni K-type maxillae



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Date Created 11/6/2008

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K Over 1 year ago
Wow! Very impressive!
Scott Over 1 year ago
Amazing.. Is there a way you can this to synth all the way out to human scale? (It would be the first ultra zoom synth!)
machottie Over 1 year ago
Hi, the entire length of the maxilla is about 190 micrometers - or slightly less than 1/5'th of a millimetre - long. So zooming all the way out would really only show a speck of a spot, besides it is outside the scope of the Scanning Electron Microscope.
I would at some stage like to add more intermediate shots, in order to get the "synthyness-rating" higher.
SynthSets Over 1 year ago
Nice to know I'm not the only SEM experimenter. Very nice images and subject, very, very nice. Check out my nanoparticles synth wherein I zoomed 2k. John, aka "SynthSets".
Skullheadface Over 1 year ago
Very cool and alot of fun to look at !!
Odd-and-Even Over 1 year ago
A photosynth you can sink your teeth into. Your tiny itty bitty teeth.
Slack Over 1 year ago
Wow. A new world dawns!
Praha Over 1 year ago
scott.c.roth Over 1 year ago
That's awesome!
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