Kálvária a Szent Tamás-hegyen



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The Calvary ar Saint Thomas’ Hill. This unusual calvary with its seven stations consists of four parts - from artisric point of view. Its present form was fashioned by Canon Elek Jordánszky in 1823.
The Chapel, with the statue of Christ, lying in His tomb. At the top of the hill, bishop János Benyovszky built a chapel in honour of the Mother of Sorrows. He also intended this chapel to be a memorial in honour of the heroes killed in battles, and also to have his own tomb in it. The chapel was constructed according to the desings of John Pach. The starue of the dead Christ was carved of stone by Andreas Schrott.
Calvary with the cross, and the statues of Mary, Mary Magdalena and the evangelist Saint John. A four-figure calvary scene was carved at the order of Canon Márton Görgey and was stood at the place of the half-destructed Carhedral Of Saint Adalbert on the Palace-Hill. It is most probable, that the statues were carved byJózsef Hebenstreit in 1781. The scene was removed and reconstructed near the Calvary-Chapel in1822, when the present Basilica was constructed. That is why we can read the date „I823” on the fundament of the cross of the Calvary.
The Wooden Statues of the Calvary Stations. The statues of the two niches reminding of a chapel were originally in the palace. The scene of the Flagellation of Christ originally consisted of four figures: Christ Himself tied to a column, and three soldiers, flogging Him. The figures of the soldiers were destroyed by the adversities of the weather. Both the figure of the flogged Christ and the one of the grieving Christ in the other niche needed to be supplemented at many places. This latter one was made by an unknown author in the 18th century.
Stations in relief, the ridiculed Christ, sitting in the cave, and the statues of the two crucified rogues. All these were ordered from Andreas Schrott by Elek Jordánszky. Anyway, Andreas Schrott with his employees worked a lot on the constructions of the Basilica in the 1830’s.

More: http://www.szoborlap.hu/5918_kalvaria_a_szent_tamas_hegyen_esztergom_hebenstreit_jozsef_1781.html
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