Corsica from Monte Rotondo (color 1984)



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350 degree view from Monte Rotondo just before sunset, July 1984. This was scanned from 17 slides taken with a Nikkormat EL and 50mm f1.8 lens. Photosynth and ICE think it's much less than 350 degrees, and even fooling this thing with Nikon D90 lens data in the JPEG files didn't work. Oh well, still looks good.
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Date Created 5/27/2011

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mattu Over 1 year ago
I'm surprised that the lens data didn't fix it. What data did you add? ICE requires FocalLength, FocalPlaneXResolution, FocalPlaneResolution, and FocalPlaneResolutionUnit to be present.
PeterBurke Over 1 year ago
I basically took a JPEG from my D90 shot with a 18-55mm lens at 33.5mm, which should equal the 50mm Nikkor, but I only got about a half circle. without that data, the pano that was generated was just 5 degreees Is there any other way to do this? I figured if the images read in are 50mm equivalent, you'd get close.
PeterBurke Over 1 year ago
I just posted a new upload of this done with the Photoshop exporter. Worked much better, since all you need to enter is the degree value for the entire pano.
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