Nine Dragon Screen Wall, Forbidden City, Beijing



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This huge glazed screen wall which faces the Huang Ji Men in the Forbidden City in Beijing, was constructed when Emperor Qianlong renovated the Ning Shou Gong (Palace of Peace and Longevity).

The detail on the relief sculpture makes this an interesting "2D" synth.

This sequence was captured using a Canon 5D Mk II, with a Canon EF 24-105mm USM L4 IS lens, during a visit to Beijing in May 2009.
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Date Created 6/17/2009

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douglas Over 1 year ago
I was just there a few weeks ago, this area of the forbidden city was nice and quiet compared to other areas, you did a better job than me on capturing these pictures. I couldn't get over the scale of the forbidden city complex, it is immense.

Jonathan Over 1 year ago
this is cool. makes me want to go visit it. i also love how well our paths work between the highlights.
Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
The highlights fetaure must have been developed for something like this - the detail on this wall is incredible
Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
Douglas - thanks - the 5D mk II was still new - so I was still not up to speed on what can be done with the camera - in retrospect given the intensity of the light, I would have cut the exposure down a bit. I must have taken 400 photos in the Forbidden City - it is vast. Yes, this area and the treasure house are nice and quiet.
Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
by the way I took some time to add more highlights and re-order these. Take a look now and let me know what you think
DebbieP Over 1 year ago
Very nice.
Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
Hey guys - it is a real honour to be featured on the Homepage!!
texasdbs Over 1 year ago
looks great.
benroks Over 1 year ago
best i've seen
mbrough Over 1 year ago
the scenes that one gets on photosynth are some times hard to belive
Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
mbrough - interesting remark - interested to know why you say this?
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