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Quell trying for a half-round shoot.

The black shirt was, on hindsight, a mistake since it offers too few points for photosynth to accurately match it, yet I'm quite pleased with the overall effect of it so far.

For a next shoot I hope to find a better lighted location, as some of the photo's are now (slightly) blurred and the lighting changes a bit too much depending on the angle. I really love the potential in this though so I'm sure that will be soon!
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Date Created 8/22/2008

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greco55 Over 1 year ago
the best i've seen yet! you've captured the idea of this program. thank you.
A.McLaughlin Over 1 year ago
Hey - Its a good effect you have. and its interesting to challenge the program aswell. really push it to the limits. I would suggest having her in a complex position - Perhaps a martial arts stance- on a very rough and textured ground. And if you have a DSLR i recommend putting it on Continuous shooting mode and rotating yourself around her. If you look at my 2nd Synth - my brothers 3D map (push CTRL) is really detailed. So it shows you, the more detail you put in - the more you get out.
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