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This synth is one of four that I made after shooting over 1300 images on a trip to Moon House in McLoyd's Canyon. The Canyon is just outside of Blanding, Utah, and is literally filled with ruins.

The most famous ruin in the canyon is Moon House. Moon House is noted for the pictographs of shapes of the moon inside the inner wall of the ruin. OK, and Moon House is pretty unique in having an inner and outer layer of dwellings too.

This ruin is same sandstone shelf as Moon House in McLoyd's Canyon. It doesn't have a name that I know of. To get to this ruin, you simply walk down the shelf. From the far side of the canyon, the shelf looks very narrow, but it's huge when you're standing on it.

One fascinating thing on this ruin is the inclusion of small white stones in the mortar of the stone walls. The white stones form a unique decorative line across one of the entryways.

I took these photos on the morning of Saturday, October 25th, 2008. McLoyd's Canyon was one of the stops I made as a friend took me on a guided tour of ruins and natural sites on Cedar Mesa near Blanding, Utah.

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K Over 1 year ago
incredible! you're getting better and better at this. thanks for including the panorama of the surroundings, that really puts it in context.
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