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A 360° Interactive panorama by Thomas Hayden of GigaView360, Portland's Google-Trusted Photographer. This series of 27 panoramas is a personal project shot on a day in the Garden with my wife, Christy, and our beautiful 3 month old daughter, Kestrel. Please enjoy all 27 panoramas in the series and feel free to comment, share, etc. If you own a brick & mortar business, my service will bring Google StreetView inside your business through the new Business Photos program. Contact me at thayden360@gmail.com.

ABOUT THE PORTLAND JAPANESE GARDEN (from http://japanesegarden.com/gardens/) The 5.5 acre Japanese Garden is composed of five distinct garden styles. When we enter a Japanese garden, the desired effect is to realize a sense of peace, harmony, and tranquility and to experience the feeling of being a part of nature. In a deep sense, the Japanese garden is a living reflection of the long history and traditional culture of Japan. Influenced by Shinto, Buddhist, and Taoist philosophies, there is always “something more” in these compositions of stone, water, and plants than meets the eye.
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Date Created 11/15/2012

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