Waikoloa Abrader Quarry



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This is a synth of the Waikoloa Abrader Quarries found adjacent to the King's Trail near Anaehoomalu Bay. These were all made with roughly 300' of line between me and the camera. Wind was varied, so the actual altitude was all over the place. Largely, though, it was in the 200' AGL + range.

The King's Trail is also visible in this set, as is the heiau that delineates the division between the Kona and Kohala districts. The road that goes out to that heiau also connects to a radio tower complex in the other direction. These landmarks can all be found on most mapping software. So even though the photos themselves are not georeferenced, there are enough clue frames to do so.

Visible in this set are abrader quarries as well as work sites, or basins. I wasn't sure these would be visible from 200'+ altitude, but surprisingly they are. Also visible are a number of petroglyphs, as well as some graffiti dating back to the 1800's. Not bad.

This set included no oblique views to help tie the large scale geometry down, but the resulting synth was actually quite flat anyway.
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sir_ivar Over 1 year ago
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