Battle of Lincoln



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A year later after I took this pano
I returned to Lincoln to take a pano of the Cathedral with planes from the Waddington Air Show. The weather was quite poor and moving clouds made the stitching very difficult since almost each plane had different background.
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Date Created 7/11/2012

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Aluronny Over 1 year ago
This was the great level of zom, was a bit much with all aircraft, explosion, etc.
but I like this one, I'll add this to my favourites.
immc2u Over 1 year ago
Its perfect. Did you use a ti-pod?
Martin_Kulhavy Over 1 year ago
Thanks for your comments, I would call this pano a curiosity rather then a serious work.
I have used a clamp to fit the panoramic head to the handrail. I was taking the photos for about 3 hours (including the time when I had to find some cover from rain.
domanhthin Over 1 year ago
quá đẹp! quân đội biểu diễn máy bay à bạn?
krispykreemd Over 1 year ago
well, curiousity, wonder, or oddity... either way it IS featured on the front page of photosynth and it IS getting you lots of exposure, i would capatalize on the publicity and put some reference to a work or what you do professionally to utilize this exposure... i'm just saying
ravi666 Over 1 year ago
this is freking awesom !!!!
Lieutenant Over 1 year ago
Martin, your work is too beautiful! I would like to ask how people scene splicing, the location of each person in the photo may not.
Lieutenant Over 1 year ago
What tools do you use to splicing, recommended a number of useful tools to me, thank! Why I stitching photos are not up to your work definition? And why do you work now is not 360 degrees?
Martin_Kulhavy Over 1 year ago
I used PtGui, which was quite useful here due to the masking abilities. There was quite lot of work in Photoshop to fit all the planes, the background was quite different. I know that the result is not perfect, but this photo didn't require perfect result. Usually my panoramas aren't 360 because there are not many places with interesting 360 degree views. I prefer to take interesting 180 in higher resolution rather than "boring" 360.
MagiView-Liege Over 1 year ago
Once again, Martin, you've published one of the TOP panos of this website!
I have "favorited" it...
HarasPlessis Over 1 year ago
Just amazing! One of my favorites...
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