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A 2D/3D view of my entire ATARI collection. Enjoy, and try ZoOming in on individual carts for great res pics of their artwork.

This entire collection including the ATARI system, 2 joysticks and 2 paddle controllers, is for sale.
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Date Created 3/7/2009

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ravydavy Over 1 year ago
Nice collection, one of these days I'm going to dust off my ST and see what it was all about, at the time, pc's were crap, and the ST was one of the 2 machines to have, ( still can't name "the other one"). thanks for posting this, some nostalgia in those titles, they don't make them like that anymore......
K Over 1 year ago
photosynth is great for collections, good job including all the detail shots.
ZoOmer Over 1 year ago
Thanks for the comments :) Its not perfect, some detail photos got synthed onto the wrong games lol, but all in all im pleased. stil getting used to how everything works togeather.
dariusmonsef Over 1 year ago
Great collection and nice job synthing it.
David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
There's at least one carefully concealed "matching" bug in this synth that I've found. It's a case of two covers that are very similar but not identical being considered the same. Who else can find it? Hint -- the differences involve numbers.
Scott Over 1 year ago
Right on! "Megamania: A Space Nightmare".. with two colors of dots - orange ones are the most terrifying!
lostinthetriangle Over 1 year ago
this synth brought back some memories!
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