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St. Peter's Church --the parish church of St. Georges and probably the site of the oldest Anglican church in the Western Hemisphere. St. Peter's Church, believed to be the oldest Anglican place of worship in the Western Hemisphere. Colonists built the original church in 1612 almost entirely of cedar, with a palmetto-leaf thatched roof. A hurricane in 1712 destroyed it almost completely. Some of the interior, including the original altar from 1615 (still used daily), was salvaged, and the church was rebuilt in 1713. It has been restored many times since, providing excellent examples of the architectural styles of the 17th to the 20th century. The tower was added in 1814. Before the Old State House was built, the colony held public meetings in the church. The first assize (legislative assembly) convened here in 1616, and the first meeting of Parliament was held in 1620. The church holds Sunday and weekday services.

Some of the tombstones in the Graveyard of St. Peter's (entrance opposite Broad Alley) are more than 3 centuries old; many tombs mark the graves of slaves. Here you'll find the grave of Midshipman Richard Dale, an American who was the last victim of the War of 1812. The churchyard also holds the tombs of Gov. Sir Richard Sharples and his aide, Capt. Hugh Sayers, who were assassinated while strolling on the grounds of Government House in 1973.

Trying to understand how to do a perfect walk through. I shot more or less at one level while advancing. What I have noticed on previous attempts is that the program gets confused once it looses the way then it breaks up the synth
Will try to build on this test

Adding more pictures from the other day seems to give me a better cloud point, but at the same time confuse the photosynthing process. The walkthrough gets mixed up and you get "off the path"
Does the order of the pictures have anything to do with this?
Or am I trying to put too much in this one synth?
I need to get higher!
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dariusmonsef Over 1 year ago
Wow, great synth. Thanks for the details in the description and for geotagging it.
lostinthetriangle Over 1 year ago
Thanks dariusmonsef, I find the old Bermuda Churches interesting and Photosynth makes them even more so........
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