Mount Ranier



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I counted over 150 climbers on the way up to Camp Muir. Can you find them all?

Made from 966 individual photos
Gigapixels 9.20
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Date Created 6/10/2010

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K Over 1 year ago
is that a real crevasse rescue or just training?
TonyErnst Over 1 year ago
Just a training - this Nisqually glacier is a popular place to do this. Ive run numerous practices there myself when instructing.
douglas Over 1 year ago
I'm amaze dhow well the clouds stitched together considering the images must have been taken over a long time frame, how long did it take you to shoot all of these pictures? Also some more details on the camera/lens you used would be interesting :-)
VsKbPhotos Over 1 year ago
Yes, what camera, how far did you zoom in, did you use a gigapan or something equal?
Spider-Schwein Over 1 year ago
It is very impressiv.
LucAskAng Over 1 year ago
966? OMG.
Good job.
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