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My little utility also lets you choose all the photos that were in the first clump. That means there may be multiple coordinate systems, but you can navigate between any two images.

This should also gaurantee 100% synthy, but since the synther isn't deterministic, we got one outlier this time.
Synthy 99%
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Date Created 1/15/2009

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swami_worldtraveler Over 1 year ago
Interestin synth; nice job. What's a clump? What's ur utility, n what exactly does it do? TIA.
madeeds Over 1 year ago
If you go to 2D mode on the synth, the photos are grouped into clumps. These are the sets of photos that you can get to by navigating around in 3D mode without pressing "space", "dot", "m" etc.

My utility goes through the log file of a synth and finds the filenames that are associated with the first clump. You can then feed these into the synther to produce another synth with higher synthiness.
swami_worldtraveler Over 1 year ago
Just saw ur reply from 4 days ago. Sorry for the delay. Still coming up to speed on the Synth community forum, etc.

I really appreciate ur insight and experience. Clumps, I get it now:) Where can I find more info about clumps, log files, programming for Photosynth, etc.? Is it scripted? Sounds like there is a lot of power under the hood. R ur programs available for download, trial, or purchase? Perhaps there's a community of Photosynth hackers.

So, the files get uploaded to the Photosynth server. Your utility can locate them. If I upload sum pix and want to make other synths (perhaps adding or removing sum pix), how do I specify which ones to use? Don't want/need to upload pix that r already on the server, of course.

Tnx again for ur help. This is very exciting. I eat this stuff up:)
madeeds Over 1 year ago
@swami: I'm on the product team, so I have a little more info than most about how Photosynth works ;-) We do want to encourage people to hack Photosynth. Fiddler is a great tool for seeing what our apps send back and forth to the server. Also, check out the Photosynther directory under %TMP%. This is where the log files from the synther go. Stare at it a bit and I bet you'll quickly figure out what 95% of it means. As for automating the UI, I'm just using user32.dll to read our window form components and send messages.

I hope this inspires you to do some hacking yourself!
swami_worldtraveler Over 1 year ago
Tnx, madeeds. I certainly appreciate ur input, especially as I'm staring up the learning curve... n luvin it!:) Just finished 'Palenque Ruins" #3. It's about as good as it's gonna get w/ what I have. Pretty satisfied for first big go-round. One long panorama did fail and get discarded, tho:( Perhaps it was rejected due to size (7442x2296, 4.3MB), aspect ratio (particularly long), or otherwise Did get a smaller stitched pan to synth in (out of Photoshop: 4987x2085, 3.6MB, wide aspect ratio, but not as wide).

FYI, I found the Get Satisfaction forum, including the run cmd for the log file. interestin n v helpful, especially to kno if the process crashed or not, since i don't really kno what is "normal" as i am ignorant at this time.

Tnx again. I'll keep hackin away:)...
lostinthetriangle Over 1 year ago
Nice cloud point, plants seem to synth well. Also Fiddler is an interesting app, I need to play with it some more after I have had a good nights sleep!
madeeds Over 1 year ago
Thanks. I wish I had been a little more consistent when taking the photos. The ones in this collection are just the ones that synthed together. My original only had about 68% synthiness.
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