Atlantis Inside the Vehicle Assembly Building



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Taken inside the NASA Vechicle Assembly Building (VAB) at Kennedy Space Center (KSC). Luckily on this day, both the orbiters Endeavour and Atlantis were inside. The Endeavour sits in High Bay 4, 'behind' the view point and the Atlantis sits in the foreground, right in the transfer aisle of the ginormous VAB.

Usually only one orbiter is on display during KSC's 'Up Close' Guided tour, but luckily the Atlantis was moved into the VAB the previous day and allowed an upclose view of the magnificent ship.

A rare event indeed, as this will probably be the last time the Endeavour and Atlantis will be together before Endeavour is processed and flown out to California for display.

Notes: The OMS systems have been removed from both orbiters (not space shuttle, as that is used to refer to the entire stack of the Space Transportation System including the orbiter, external tank, and the solid rocket boosters).
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Date Created 1/22/2012

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