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The Marina Reservoir is a reservoir in Marina Bay, Singapore. It was formed in 2008 from the damming of the mouth of the Kallang Basin. Situated at the heart of the up-and-coming Marina South district, the Marina Reservoir is an iconic venue with Singapore’s business and financial district as its backdrop.

With the completion of the Marina Barrage, the reservoir, which contained mainly salt water, would become freshwater in a few years when excess water will be released out to the sea after heavy rains.The catchment area that is resulted from the forming of the reservoir is about one-third the size of Singapore, and two of the island's major rivers - Singapore River, Kallang River and Geylang River, as well as Rochor River, a tributary of the Kallang River flow into it.

The Marina Reservoir is a choice venue for a wide range of water-based activities including hosting the canoe-kayak and rowing events. The area includes a one-kilometre straight race course for canoeing and rowing activities. The Singapore Canoe Marathon 2009 was staged at the Marina Reservoir in January 2009.

The on-land staging of canoeing and rowing competitions is along a portion of Gardens by the Bay – a new 32-hectare park next to the Marina Reservoir. With an extensive water frontage along the Marina Reservoir, the Gardens will provide an excellent vantage point.

The facilities at the reservoir during Singapore 2010 (the First Youth Olympic Games) include a boat-storage shed for up to 200 boats, a boat-washing area, toilets and showers, and a doping-control station. A seating gallery for approximately 1,000 spectators will be constructed.

The Marina Barrage is part of a comprehensive flood control scheme to alleviate flooding in the low-lying areas in the city such as Chinatown, Boat Quay, Jalan Besar and Geylang. During heavy rain, the series of nine crest gates at the dam will be activated to release excess storm water into the sea when the tide is low. In the case of high tide, giant pumps which are capable of pumping an Olympics-size swimming pool per minute will drain excess storm water into the sea.

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worldwideroam Over 1 year ago
Nice synth of the Marina Bay Basin! Your synth has covered most of the landmarks from the barrage view point :)
euniceyee Over 1 year ago
Thanks! We had lots of restrictions in this area. The corridors of the pump station was closed to visitors, the golf course was out of bounds. We lost a large portion of the view point available for Photo360 due to this restrictions (approx 180 degrees of view was lost). It was a miracle to get a 94% synthy, to be honest! :)
zainilovesyou Over 1 year ago
haha the silver light thingy is very confusing haha.
HoleInOne Over 1 year ago
That was some great shots there. The view is brilliant.
yenshiun Over 1 year ago
anglp Over 1 year ago
i love marina barrage.
LeeDewyze Over 1 year ago
AWESOME! The winning picture.
lkl3108 Over 1 year ago
How I wish to have a helicopter view of every buildings... But anyway,... Great job in allowing us to have a feel of what it is like...
worldwideroam Over 1 year ago
Did you zoom in to see workers in yellow walking on garden terrace on top of the sands casino building?? (the one with 3 blocks with a garden on top). Awesome deep zoom offered by the SeaDragon engine that powers PhotoSynth!!
worldwideroam Over 1 year ago
lkl3108: Wow, that would be even better, isn't it? Aerial Photo360! Oooo....
cyberspace Over 1 year ago
Wonderful job done! Love it.
euniceyee Over 1 year ago
Your comment is very much appreciated.
Dennen Over 1 year ago
WOW this pictures are absolutely awesome didn't know silver light can do this
Hanwei Over 1 year ago
It's so awesome to have the view of Our Singapore IR and the flyer in this photos!
BoonAh Over 1 year ago
Cool synth.
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