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more information on www.dromore.info
The Site:

The site, on the line of the old Irvinestown road with the backdrop of the old Abbey ruins, was chosen because of the local history,eg, The Eye Well where, ( in Canon McKenna’s book ), a man brought his blind horse to be cured with dire consequences Other reasons are : This was and still is a farming community and a forge was sited nearby. Someone locally may have a photograph of the old forge nestling under the rock face.

Clydesdale Horse and Worker:

The Dromore 2000 Board of Directors commissioned Harriet Mead from Norfolk to undertake the work. The sculpture is life size and weighs approximately 380Kg and is made from light guage sheet steel. It took 5/6 months to complete and was installed on Saturday 6th of January 2007.The sculpture was erected by Harriet Mead with the help of volunteers mainly from Dromore 2000.
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