FRAM MUSEUM (wooden polarship) Oslo , panorama 360 + photosynth



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THE FRAM MUSEUM shows the history of great and famous norwegian polar explorers. Its main attraction is the impressive polarship FRAM (eng. "Forward") from 1892. It is said that the FRAM is the strongest wooden ship ever build.
It was designed for Fridtjof Nansen's 1893 Arctic expedition and was supposed to freeze into the ice sheet and float with it over North Pole. Nansen's idea was to build a ship that could survive the pressure not by pure strenght but because it would be of shape designed to let the ice push the ship up, so it would "float" on top of the the ice. The ship had spent nearly 3 years baset in the Arctic ice.
Next FRAM was used by Roald Amundsen in his southern polar expediton 1910-1912, the first to reach South Pole ( 14.December .1911, 100 years ago!!! )

Technical information: Canon 5D 12.9mpx, ISO 100, Canon 24-105L at 24mm, manual f=11, 13s each shot, manual focus at 3.8m, tripod (without QTVR pano head), 52 shots jpg, ICE stitcher
Megapixels 242.35
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Date Created 12/17/2011

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David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
Thanks for this great pano. I too am very excited for the 100th anniversary of Amundsen's great acheivement!
xatskee Over 1 year ago
can you teach me how to remove legs when you shot the bottom part?

anyway, great picture..
RobertzOslo Over 1 year ago

just go back one step when you are shooting "bottom part" (named "nadir")
YT video shows it perfect (handmade pano on 3'25'' and pano with tripod on 6'30'')
domaface Over 1 year ago
This is AWESOME!
Dorothy1964 Over 1 year ago
This is very inspiration for me.Thank you.
xatskee Over 1 year ago
Thanks Robertz
promilabij Over 1 year ago
super like...been trying my hands on photosynth and found this as a great example and motivator to explore further..thnx!
FatBuddha Over 1 year ago
I saw your 5 parts video in Youtube. My question is that you use the same fisheye lens and take the pics and just apply it to Microsoft ICE and let it stitch? Is it possible for you to do a tutorial showing how you use your method in conjunction with Photosynth? Thanks alot.
RobertzOslo Over 1 year ago
YT video is not of mine, it is just exemple. I added technical information to description. I think fisheye lens gives poor resolution of pano 360/180 if you want to deep zoomm inn.
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