"Panorama Errant" - Glendora - Christmas Day



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"Panorama Errant"
Christmas Day, The Glendora Village.

Calmly surreal, the sun burned itself to sleep with the last warm color tones of the day. The tripod being the only reason I would stand in the the middle of a street for what, in retrospect, was an indeterminate period of time.

In what is normally a thriving small-town USA main-street, it was a scene from the most boring Twilight Zone script that hinted of deja vu mixed with summertime boredom in December; it was a scene from television where all of the townspeople people disappear one by one until there are just a few people left. The remaining citizens aren't aware that they are ostensibly and progressively alone...

Maybe it was a Cold war Era Soviet mock-up of an 'American Town' where spies are trained to infiltrate the Midwest armed with Cleaver Family personas and pastel colored shirts ...

Time stood still longer than usual... reality and daydream indistinguishable ... Immersed in a timeless environment, there were no automobile engines in which to sync my inner clock; no scuffing of sand under Sunday dress shoes to signify the passing of time...

Staying on task and continuing the series of exposures once started is essential; sequence and pace are critical to all of the images falling into place.

~99 images were methodically triggered; Click three and turn, Click three and turn. An occasional car would slowly drive by, drivers avoiding eye contact as they passed by the lone photographer...

Occasionally sensing movement in the periphery... the images later confirmed people was standing on the curb watching the mundane evens unfold. Nothing notable.

For what it's worth, that's my take on the scene...
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