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What a bad synth! Why ???

but the point cloud is fine !!!

working better without the background on
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Date Created 2/22/2009

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madeeds Over 1 year ago
What's happening here is that the building is more textured than the statue. Each picture is being "hung" on the building, so when you move, it moves with the building.

Try holding down the 'e' and ';' keys starting from here:

Then push the 'c' key for a bit. You'll see a few photos pegged to the facade of the building and one on the sculpture in the foreground.
Pierrot21 Over 1 year ago
Ok,ok; thank you for answering.
Don't you consider that it is a big bug? The pictures are correct and complete. I come back to what I asked before in the 'get satisfaction' for a next version or release: telling to the synther you are viewing around an object (turntable or statue or any object) and the synther has to forget the background.
I agree, it's easy to ask and difficult to realize ;-)
Pierrot21 Over 1 year ago
This one could be seen as better, but I miss the background (I resized all the pics); so it's not the good solution
Scott Over 1 year ago
Hi Pierrot21, the team is investigating the best way to improve results when the image planes are incorrectly placed on the background.
madeeds Over 1 year ago
You're right. This is not ideal behavior. For example, we don't want there to be two pictures of the statue here:
I can't really comment on when/if this will be fixed, but the product team is aware of it and we're prioritizing it. The more customers and synths we hear about with this particular problem, the higher it will be prioritized.
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