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Use the highlight to reach the actual beginning of this walk.
I took this synth while on a walk through Central Park. Specifically, not too far away from the 59th Street subway station. The sky was cloudy and the sun was only up for a little bit longer, so my light ended up disappearing, meaning I had to use longer exposure times to get more light in. Even so, I brightened a lot of these photos already. Unfortunately, many of them also turned out blurry. Oh well.

Most of the walk is straight-forward. sometimes you have to turn in order to move forward, which is a little annoying, since I was still moving forward at the time. The entire thing is synthed when it comes to the photos, but for some reason I don't understand, the point cloud doesn't reflect that. It seems to stop and then stop and start again.
Also, you can really only take the trip forward. There is no trip back.
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Date Created 7/16/2009

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LikeRain Over 1 year ago
great !
David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
The reason why you aren't seeing the full point cloud is a little secret that we try to hide from the casual viewer: Even when a synth is 100% synthy, it may not be well enough connected to have a global 3D model. It may have separate models that are connected by weak linkage points that we call portals. If you want to see a portal, go to: then press "p" to turn off the photos. Notice how few points there are. Then press the "Next Image In" button, and see a whole new set of points just appear from nowhere. You just walked between one 3D model and the next. if you repeat this with the photos on, it looks pretty good. That reflects the fact that we've done lots of work to try to mask these 3D model boundaries.

More info than you probably wanted to know!
David-Photosynth-Team Over 1 year ago
Oh -- and can you please give this one a geotag?
pope_luke Over 1 year ago
Thanks for the explanation. It's quite eye-opening~
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
Hey, props to you for doing this!

As far as moving through the photos and having to 'turn' to go forward or only being able to make the trip one way, check out the full-stop/period key [.] to move forward through the photos in the order you took them and the comma key [,] to move backwards. When used in a 100% synthy synth these keys can be your best friend. When used in a synth that's broken up into a bunch of different groups it's usually a bad idea to use them because you may be jumping back and forth between groups of photos and never experiencing the longest string of connected photos in succession.

It's true that using the comma key to step backwards isn't the same as if you had taken photos facing the other way, but it'll still take you back along the path.

Thanks for sharing with us!
Jonathan Over 1 year ago
it's nice to see someone embracing really long paths
synthfeatured Over 1 year ago
Congratulations! We chose this synth to be featured on the front page of the site on August 13th, 2009. It will stay featured over the weekend.
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