Buster Brown Hike: Waimea - Big Island, Hawaii



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Photos from a hike up Buster Brown in Waimea. At the top is a small stone... not sure what it is for. (It was a pretty cloudy / voggy day so unfortunately you can't really get a sense of how awesome the view is from up there.)
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Date Created 6/3/2009

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Nathan Over 1 year ago
Nice tree pose. You must pratice yoga.
tbenedict Over 1 year ago
Too cool! I'm cringing as I say this, but I've never actually been to the top of Buster Brown. But man, the view is totally worth it! Thanks for posting this.

I know how it goes with visits. Last time I visited family, I didn't wind up seeing about 90% of the friends I swore I would, and that was THREE weeks. It's all good. We'll meet up at some point.
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