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This is my brother's house in Benton Harbor, Michigan. It's a work in progress! It's gorgeous just as it is and very fun to explore both in person and via Photosynth. Even the attic and the basement are cool.

Normally I wouldn't recommend synthing 1700 images, but I decided to give it a shot because a) I was curious to see if it'd work and b) to show off the capabilities of the new highlights feature.

Obviously it did work so check on that front (I borrowed a few hours on a server with 8 cores and 8Gb RAM if you're curious). Finding your way between rooms without the highlights is difficult, it's so much more fun to just click the highlight buttons and fly there! The enormous size does expose the limits of the Photosynth viewer though, it just wasn't designed to scale to this level and sometimes it's slow even on a modern machine with a fast connection. I'd recommend 500 or 600 images as the upper practical limit for users to have a good viewing experience and 300 is even better.
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Date Created 4/21/2009

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SynthDragon Over 1 year ago
Awesome synth, great work!
The new highlights feature makes it easy to walk through the house and explore some details.
Lots of photos produced a nice point cloud of the rooms.
Cliff Over 1 year ago
This is amazing, Ken! I agree, finding your way between rooms isn't seamless, but with the highlights it is very easy to view the whole synth. I should make one every year to document the progress on the house.
Nathanael Over 1 year ago
So, Ken, is this the reigning champion for most images in a synth?
Most points in the primary pointcloud?
Most points cumulatively from the entire synth?

It would be interesting to have some sort of Top 100 biggest synths somewhere. I know that's really not the primary or even ideal use case for Photosynth but I know that plenty of us would find it interesting.
K Over 1 year ago
This isn't the champion but I know there are only a few that are larger. We don't really want to call attention to very large synths because they're going to be very slow for the average user. I only did this as a test to see if I could get 4 floors to connect. I got three which is pretty good!
amn.hodge Over 1 year ago
Ha Ha. I love the "Portal"
amn.hodge Over 1 year ago
OOh, and there's also a "shadowy figure" as you come to the top of the stairs from the basement.
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