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This synth was actually created by Cardinal....and is best viewed on fullscreen mode (press F) to see all the details. On one of the shelves you will find the the Cochin collection - the unicorn, dog, dragon and some others. I am sure Cardinal will have a go at synthing them all soon!

And don't forget the point cloud...
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Photos 190
Date Created 1/22/2009

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Bert Over 1 year ago
Cool collection, thanks for sharing!
Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
Enjoy - it took a lot of work and travel to build the collection and a lot of work to do the photosynth!
Marvin Over 1 year ago
Beautiful results though. That was well worth it.
K Over 1 year ago
a great example of how great photosynth is for sharing the things you care about. what's cool is that you can probably see more details in the objects than if you were standing there because you can just zoom right in to the full resolution of the photo!
Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
I agree K - and the same goes for buildings e.g. cathedrals - being able to zoom into the top of the spire or some other detail makes photosynth really great.
Cardinal Over 1 year ago
Definately. I can zoom in at the two cats in the basket and see a cat face as big as my computer screen, and it is not at all unsharp of pixelated... and in reality, the cat is only as tall as my thumb!
mrp1979 Over 1 year ago
Awesome. 190 photos and great example of what's possible with a little bit of effort! :)
tbenedict Over 1 year ago
That's COOL! I really like the transitions between the highlights. It's exactly as if you were standing in front of it and saying, "Ooooh, what's THAT?!" Well worth the effort, in my estimation.
Fred_Oxford Over 1 year ago
The hi-light tool was designed for this kind of synth!!
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