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3D Models, visuals and Synth by GeoGames
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Date Created 1/22/2009

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Bert Over 1 year ago
Hmm, what does this have to do with google? :-)
GeoGames Over 1 year ago
Yes I know...;-) Happens to be 3D in Google Earth.

Of course it could be on Virtual Earth - in this case it is not I'm afraid.. Next time around;-)

I am trying to find a way to have a fluent walk-around/ fly-around - therefore using a 3D model on a globe. I am not happy yet with results. There should be a way to trick this up.
I think the picture's number is determining the flow/ synth. In many occasions here this is not a realistic flow yet. Should be do-able though!

Thanks Synth!
GeoGames Over 1 year ago
Yes Google Earth is the counterpart of 3D globes - if you like.
Both are just great apps! Love Seattle btw.
Bert Over 1 year ago
The ordering might be tough to make the fly around "fluent" in Photosynth #%!@il we have a way for you as the author to order your photos) but the concept is interesting There's also this synth which someone on the team did you might find it intersting

GeoGames Over 1 year ago
Thanks Bert,
would you give the correct url or send it to my private email ? I am very curious!
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